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Our Holdings
The Adams County Historical Society's photograph collection holds in excess of 200,000 prints and negatives. Two collections in particular, the Walter Lane Collection which spans from 1945 to 1984 and the Kinneman- Ziegler Collection which spans from 1960 to 2004, each contain approximately 50,000 sleeves with multiple prints or negatives in each sleeve.

Being the Society is located on one of the most famous battlefields in the world, many researchers come to view photographs related to the Battle of Gettysburg. The Society has over 3,000 related to the Battle of Gettysburg. Some of the Society's most sought after images are in the collection of a local battlefield photographer William H. Tipton (1850-1929). Tipton took thousands of images of the Gettysburg Battlefield and all the monuments placed on the field during his lifetime. The Society possesses over 600 glass plate negatives from Tipton's battlefield series. Additionally, the collection contains 3 of the 5 known sample books from Tipton's studio. These books sat in his office for his customers to select an image for purchase. There are over 1,000 images between the 3 books.

Reproductions of images from the Adams County Historical Society are available for purchase. Please see our Rules & Regulations for more pricing and publication rights information.

Samples from the William H. Tipton Sample Books

142nd Pennsylvania
Infantry Monument

140th Pennsylvania
Infantry Monument

Statue of Major General Winfield Scott Hancock on
East Cemetery Hill

The Virginia State Monument which features
General Robert E. Lee

1st Massachusetts Infantry Monument being delivered to the battlefield at Gettysburg

9th Massachusetts Battery Monument on the battlefield at Gettysburg

The statue of Major General Gouvernuer K. Warren on Little Round Top