Peril and Perseverance in the Pennsylvania Backcountry

Peril and Perseverance in the Pennsylvania Backcountry

Linda Martin Gilmore

October 3, 2017

A program entitled “Peril and Perseverance in the Pennsylvania Backcountry” will be presented by author Linda Martin Gilmore for the monthly meeting of the Adams County Historical Society on Tuesday, October 3 at 7 p.m. in Valentine Hall of the Gettysburg Theological Seminary.

During her talk, Gilmore will describe the trials and tribulations of the Scotch-Irish settlers in Tuscarora and Shearman’s Valleys (present-day Juniata and Perry Counties) during the Seven Year’s War. In 1756, the Delaware Indians crossed the mountains from the west and attacked both isolated cabins and private forts.

The discussion will feature the attack on Bigham’s Fort in June of 1756. The fort was built on the tract of Samuel Bigham, member of the grave carver family, who had migrated from present-day Adams County to Tuscarora Valley. Gilmore will share the stories of the more than fifteen settlers taken captive as well as the stories of other beleaguered settlers in the mid-1700s.

This program, sponsored by ACNB Bank, is free and open to the public.