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A Sanctuary For The Wounded: The Civil War Hospital At Christ Lutheran Church, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Christ Lutheran Church was used as a hospital during and after The Battle of Gettysburg, July 1863. This book tells some of the stories of the courage and sacrifices of the people who were at the hospital. It includes actual quotes from the journals and diaries of Sgt. Stearns, Nurse Ehler and others who were there at the church when it was a hospital. The book also contains chapters on the state of medical care at that time, this church’s history and the some of the nation’s expression of patriotism and deep pathos.

On July 1st, 2nd and 3rd Gettysburg ( pop. about 2,400) was the scene of a major battle in the Civil War. After the three day battle there were about 22,000 wounded left to care for. It would be several months until the town able to go about it’s normal activities. The churches played a key role in the care of the wounded. This is the research of what occurred at Christ Lutheran Church, 44 Chambersburg St. Gettysburg, PA.

Christ Lutheran Church has been presenting the program “Candlelight at Christ” since 1999 on Saturday evenings in the summer. Using songs and diary accounts, we have attempted to shed light on the hospital experiences of the people that were in our church so long ago. This book gives a more comprehensive look at those people and the place they had come to for sanctuary. See also the companion CD which can be purchased separately which contains 27 tracks of stories and songs. For more information about Christ Church see their website

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Author: Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church
Publisher: Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church
Publish Date: 2009

Price: $10.00


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