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The Battle of Gettysburg Research Center was developed in 2008, in order to meet the needs of patrons researching all aspects of the Gettysburg Campaign including combat operations during the campaign, the aftermath of the Battle of Gettysburg, Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address, and anniversaries of the Battle of Gettysburg. The research center has been used by Civil War buffs and scholars alike.

The Adams County Historical Society offers a very comprehensive collection of primary and secondary source material.

John S. Rice Collection, 75th Anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg and Last Reunion of the Blue and Gray

Damage Claim files (microfilm)

Dr. John W.C. O'Neal, Confederate burials

Local newspapers (microfilm)

Collection of maps including copies of the Warren Map, Elliot Burial Map, and John B. Bachelder Map Series

18 volumes, Civilian Accounts of The Battle of Gettysburg, The Aftermath, and Lincoln’s Visit. These local accounts have been compiled from multiple sources from newspapers to published accounts.

14th Regiment Connecticut Volunteer Infantry. Charles D. Page. 1906.

150th Regiment, Pennsylvania Volunteers. Thomas Chamberlin. 1905. Reprinted 1986.

1861-1865. Battles of the Civil War: The Complete Kurz and Allison Prints. 1979.

1st Virginia Cavalry. Robert J. Driver, Jr. 2nd edition. 1991.

3rd Virginia Infantry. Lee A. Wallace. 2nd edition. 1986.

53rd Virginia Infantry and 5th Battalion Virginia Infantry. 1st edition. 1999.

5th New Hampshire: Cross’s Brigade Caldwell’s Division 2nd Army Corps. William Child MD. 1893.

76th Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteer infantry: Keystone Zouaves. John A. Porter. 1980.

8th Virginia Infantry. John E. Divine. 2nd edition. 1983.

A Vast Sea of Misery : A History Guide to the Union and Confederate Field Hospitals at Gettysburg July 1- November 20, 1863. Gregory A. Coco. 1988

Army Register of the Volunteer Force. 8 volumes. 1987.

Ashland, Bedford, and Taylor Virginia Light Artillery. Marilyn Brewer Koleszar. 1st edition. 1994.

Biographical Rosters of Florida’s Confederate and Union Soldiers 1861-1865. David W. Hartman, Compiler. Broadfoot Publishing Company. Wilmington, North Carolina. 1995. 1- 56837-288-4 Six volumes, index included.

Chew’s Ashby, Shoemaker’s Lynchburg and the Newton Artillery. Robert H. Moore II. 2nd edition. 1995.

Civil War Diaries of Capt. Albert Heffley and Lt. Cyrus P. Heffley. Published 2000.

Company G: A record of the Services of one company of the 157th NY VOLS in the War of the Rebellion. From Sept 19,1862 to July 10, 1865. A.R. Barlow. 1899.

Confederate Military History. 13 volumes. 1893 -1932.

Fiftieth Anniversary celebration New York Veterans: Gettysburg 1913. Printed 1916.

Forty Fifth Regiment PA V.V.I. 1861-1865. By the comrades. 1912.

Gettysburg National Park Commission Reports, 1893-1901. Published 1902.

Gettysburg National Park Commission Reports, 1993-1899. Published 1900.

Gettysburg’s Confederate Dead. Gregory A. Coco. 2003.

Greene and his New York troops at Gettysburg. Printed 1909.

Historical Register and Dictionary of the U.S. Army. 2 volumes. Published 1903. Printed 1988.

History and Roster of Maryland Volunteers, War of 1861-5. By L. Allison Wilmer, J.H. Jarrett, Geo. W.F. Vernon. Volumes 1 and 2. 1898

History of Kershaw’s Brigade. Augustus Dickert. 1988.

History Of Pennsylvania Volunteers, 1861-5. Samuel P. Bates. Singerly, State Printer, 1869. Broadfoot Publishing, Wilmington North Carolina, 1993. 14 volumes index included.

History of the 118th PA. By the Survivors Association. 1888.

History of the 124th Regiment of New York State Volunteers. Charles Weygant. 2002.

History of the 124th Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers. 1862-3. Robert M. Green. 1907

History of the 22nd Massachusetts Infantry: The 2nd company Sharpshooters and the 3rd Light battery. John L. Parker. Published 1887. Printed 1996.

History of the 24th Michigan of Iron Brigade. O.B. Curtis. 1891. Reprinted 1987.

History of the Eighty Third Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers. John J. Pullen. Published 1865, printed 1986.

History of the Fifty Seventh Pennsylvania Veteran Volunteers. Compiled by James M. Martin. Printed 1995.

History of the Forty-Fourth New York Volunteer Infantry. Captain Eugene Arus Nash. 1988.

History of the Nineteenth Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry. History Committee. 1906.

History of the Ninety Seventh Regiment New York Volunteers: Conkling Rifles. Isaac Hall, 1890.

History of the One Hundred Forty First Regiment, Pennsylvania volunteers. David Craft. 1885. Reprinted in 1991

History of the Philadelphia Brigade. Charles H Banes. 1876.

History of the Second Army Corps in the Army of the Potomac. Francis A. Walker. 1887

History of the Third Pennsylvania Cavalry, 1861-1865. William Brooke Rawle. 1905.

Hospitalization of the Armies at Gettysburg. Bachelors Thesis, History Department, Gettysburg College. William H. Ridinger. 1942

In memoriam of Henry Warner Slocum: 1826-1894. 1904.

Lincoln and His America 1809- 1865. Arranged by David Plowden. 1970.

Major General Abner Doubleday and Brevet Major General John C. Robinson in the Civil War. Printed 1918.

Major General James S. Wadsworth at Gettysburg and other Fields. Printed 1916.

Memorial Address of John W. Geary . printed by order of the Senate and House of Representatives. 1873.

Michigan in the War. John Robertson. 1882.

Mr. Lincoln’s Army: The Army of the Potomac in the Gettysburg Campaign. Programs of the 6th Annual Gettysburg Seminar. 1997.

National Park Civil War Series: The Battle Of Gettysburg. Harry W. Pfanz. 1994.

New Jersey troops in the Gettysburg Campaign. Samuel Toombs. 1888.

New York At Gettysburg: Final report of New York Monuments commission on the Battle of Gettysburg. William J. Fox. 1900. 3 volumes

New York in the War of the Rebellion 1861 to 1865. Compiled by Frederick Phisterer. Five Volumes and index. 1912

Pennsylvania at Chickamauga and Chattanooga: Ceremonies at the Dedication of the Monuments. 1897.

Pennsylvania at Cold Harbor, Virginia: Ceremonies at the Dedication of the Monument. 1912.

Pennsylvania at Gettysburg: Ceremonies at the Dedication of the Monuments. 1904. 3 volumes

Pennsylvania at Salisbury North Carolina: Ceremonies at the Dedication of the Monument. 1910

Photographic Atlas of Civil War Inquiries: Photographs of Surgical Cases and Specimens Otis Historical Archives. (first edition) edited by Bradley P. Bengston, MD. 1996.

Photographic History of the Civil War, 10 Volumes, 1912.

Powhatan, Salem, and Courtney Henrico Artillery. Richard L. Nicholas, Joseph Servis. 1st edition. 1997.

Proceedings of the 37th Annual Encampment GAR DEP. Penna 1903. Printed 1903

Proceedings of the 38th Annual Encampment GAR DEP. Penna 1904. Printed 1904

Proceedings of the 39th Annual Encampment GAR DEP. Penna 1905. Printed 1905

Proceedings of the 40th Annual Encampment GAR DEP. Penna 1906. Printed 1906

Record of Officers and Men of New Jersey in the Civil War. Compiled by William S. Styker Adjutant General. 1876

Regimental Losses in the American Civil War 1861-1865. William F. Fox Brandow Publishing Co. Albany NY. 1898.

Regimental Strengths and Losses at Gettysburg. John W. Busey, published 1982, this edition, 2005.

Report of the Adjutant General of the State of Indiana: War of the rebellion 1861-1865. W.H.H Terrell . 1869. 7 volumes.

Report of the Pennsylvania Gettysburg Battlefield Memorial Commission: 1914. Printed 1914.

Report on the Conduct of the War, 3 volumes. 1863.

Service with the 6th Wisconsin. Rufus Dawes. Printed 1984.

Seventy Sixth New York, Cutlers Brigade, Wadsworth’s division, First Army Corps. A.P. Smith. 1867.

Reprinted 1988.

Several Regiments and Battalions from North Carolina in the Great War, 1861-’65. Edited by Walter Clarke. Five volumes.

Southern Historical Society Papers. 52 Volumes including 2 volume index. Published 1959, printed 1980.

The 151st Pennsylvania Volunteers at Gettysburg: Like Ripe Apples in a Storm. Michael Dreese. 2000.

The 4th Michigan Volunteer infantry at Gettysburg: The Battle for the Wheatfield. Martin Bertera. 1997.

The Bachelder Papers. 3 volumes, 1995.

The Brooke, Farquier, Loudon, and Alexandria Artillery. Michael J. Andrus. 1st edition. 1990.

The Charlottesville, Lee Lynchburg and Johnson’s Bedford Artillery. Robert H. Moore II. 1st edition. 1990.

The Confederate General. William C. Davis. 4 volumes. 1991.

The Confederate Veteran Magazine. 50 Volumes, 2 volume index. 1988

The Danville, Eighth Star New Market and Dixie Artillery. Robert H. Moore II. 1st edition. 1989.

The Fifth Army Corps. William H. Powell. 1984.

The Gettysburg Death Roster. Compiled by Robert K. Krick. 1981.

The Gettysburg Magazine, 3 volumes. 1997

The Giles, Alleghany and Jackson Artillery. Keith S. Bohannon. 1st edition. 1990.

The Most Shocking Battle I have ever Witnessed: The Second Day at Gettysburg: Papers of the 2006 Gettysburg National Military Park Seminar. 2008.

The Purcell, Crenshaw, and Letcher Artillery. Peter S. Carmichael. 1st edition. 1990.

The Reminiscences of Carl Schurz. 2 volumes. Carl Schurz. 1907.

The Richmond Fayette, Hampden, Thomas, and Blount’s Lynchburg Artillery. Robert H. Moore II. 1st edition. 1991.

The Roster of Confederate Soldiers 1861-1865. Edited by Janet B. Hewett. Broadfoot publishing, Wilmington NC. 1995 Vol. 1-16.

The Roster of Union Soldiers 1861-1865. Janet B. Hewett, Editor. Broadfoot Publishing Company, Wilmington NC. 1998. 33 volumes

The Twentieth Maine. John J. Pullen. 1957

The Twentieth Regiment of Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry, 1861-1865. George A. Bruce. 1906.

The Twenty Seventh Indiana. E.R. Brown. 1899.

The Union Army. 9 volumes including index. 1998.

Under the Maltese Cross: 155th Pennsylvania regiment. Narrated by the rank and file. 1910.

War of Rebellion Official Records of Union and Confederate Armies. Series I, 53 volumes. 1880. Series II, 8 volumes. 1899. Series III, 5 volumes. 1900. Series IV, 3 Volumes. 1900. Separate volume: Index.

Webb and His Men at the Angle, Gettysburg: In Memoriam Alexander Stewart Webb. 1835-1911. Published 1916 by NY state

With the 3rd Wisconsin Badgers. Steven S. Raab. 1999

Written in Blood: A History of the 126th New York Infantry In the Civil War. Wayne Mahood. 1997.