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Our collection includes:

  • Original deed books from 1800 (when Adams became a county) into the early 1920s;
  • Original county estate papers from 1800 through the 1980s;
  • The annual borough and township tax records from 1800 through 1960;
  • Local newspapers, most on microfilm, from 1800 to the present;
  • Census microfilms from 1790 through 1920, with available published Pennsylvania indexes that cover our area;
  • About 30,000 cemetery inscriptions transcribed in the 1930s;
  • About 150,000 cards with notices of marriages and obituaries from Gettysburg newspapers, from 1800 to recent times;
  • Copies of many early warrants and surveys by means of which first claims were made for much of the lands of Adams county;
  • Copies of many York county records (such as deeds, wills, and tax lists) before about 1800, on microfilm;
  • Many transcripts of Lutheran church records, most from south central Pennsylvania, plus other non-Lutheran, Adams county church transcripts;
  • Naturalization papers from 1802 through 1910.

For research, the fee is $30 per hour, with a $60 minimum charge. This fee is payable in advance of research being done. We cannot, and do not, do general genealogical research. In making an inquiry, one should ask the specific questions for which an answer is sought. We cannot promise to find answers to the questions asked but we can promise to examine our holdings carefully for answers and then report our findings. If we find primary sources, such as land or estate papers, in the course of replying to an inquiry, there will be a charge of $.50 for each copy made. We do NOT do research over the phone or by e-mail. Click here to download our research request form, or complete the fields below to send your request online through our secured system. Researchers will be contacted via email with the fee for any reproduction charges before the materials are mailed.

If copies of specific documents ONLY are requested, such as a will or tax document, the charge is $10 for the search and $.50 per copy.This includes postage and handling.

Please supply all fields.
If you require more than 4 hours of research, please contact us at (717) 334-4723.

* Research is billed at $30.00/hour.
* Minimum 2 hours of research required.
* Maximum 4 hours of research.