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Beyond the Battle

Saving Our History

It may surprise you to learn that millions of irreplaceable Gettysburg and Adams County artifacts are at risk of being lost forever. Here in Gettysburg, the Adams County Historical Society needs your help to protect these precious materials before it is too late. We're building a new Museum, Archives, and Education Center to preserve these treasures and share the remarkable story of one of America's most famous communities.

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  • — Ken Burns

    The Society’s archives hold millions of records, artifacts, and images that tell the story of a world-famous community. These precious items are at risk of being lost unless we act now to protect them.

    I urge you in joining me to support the Adams County Historical Society in its capital campaign to build a new home for, and to preserve these irreplaceable American treasures.

  • — Jean Green, ACHS Trustee

    Lacking essential climate controls and fire protection, these priceless treasures are in desperate need of a new home.

    Tucked away in narrow halls and storage crates at an off-site warehouse, the memories of our community are at risk of being lost forever.

A New Home

The new center - set to open in early 2023 - will be built just north of Gettysburg. The 29,000-square-foot complex will house an immersive museum experience that will explore centuries of American history through the eyes and ears of ordinary men, women, and children from the Gettysburg area. 

In addition, the center will feature frequent history programs, a stunning event venue and education center, and a spacious library and archives where visitors can access our holdings and research a variety of topics ranging from genealogy to Gettysburg, Adams County, and Civil War history. 


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Planned Exhibits

  • Prehistory: Dinosaurs and Meteors in Gettysburg?
  • Native American Life in Adams County
  • The French and Indian War - Kidnappings on the Pennsylvania Frontier
  • The Birth of Gettysburg - Crossroads Tavern to Civil War Battlefield
  • Thaddeus Stevens - Law, Education, and Abolition in Adams County
  • Life in a War Zone - The 1863 Civilian Experience 
  • The Eisenhowers in Gettysburg - Two World Wars and a Presidency
  • Orchards and Industry - Adams County as a Fruit-Growing Powerhouse
  • Suffrage, Integration, and Immigration - the Fight for Justice in Adams County
  • Black Voices of Adams County

Research and Educational Opportunities

  • Spacious reading room and library for visiting researchers and scholars
  • Frequent, hands-on history programs for all ages
  • Classroom and Education Center for school field trips and "history days" (K-12 and undergraduate)
  • Genealogy and historic property research workshops
  • Civil War and Battle of Gettysburg-themed research seminars
  • Town and battlefield walking tours
  • Private event venue overlooking the battlefield
  • — Stephen Lang

    Over the years I’ve developed a deep appreciation for Gettysburg and its history. But today, these incredible stories are in jeopardy. Millions of Gettysburg artifacts cared for by the Adams County Historical Society are in need of a proper home. I hope you’ll join me in supporting this campaign to save our history – your history – before it is too late.

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Any individual who financially qualifies, based upon level of income, may be granted free admission to the museum. The determination will be made by museum staff based upon that individual’s application for free admission.