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The Adams County Historical Society invites you to discover the remarkable story of Gettysburg and Adams County, Pennsylvania. Experience like never before the history of this world-famous place through unique program and tour offerings, archival research opportunities, and a collection of historic items numbering in the millions.

The Battle of Gettysburg was a defining moment in Adams County’s history, but there is so much more to its story. The Adams County Historical Society (ACHS) takes you Beyond the Battle to experience three centuries of incredible people, places, and events.


The Adams County Historical Society, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded in 1888, holds millions of historic records and artifacts significant to the history and culture of Gettysburg and Adams County, Pennsylvania. With thousands of members across the nation, ACHS is proud to preserve the story and legacy of this remarkable American community. 


We need you! ACHS has embarked upon one of the largest grassroots efforts in Gettysburg's history. With over $9 million already raised, our new home, featuring Beyond the Battle Museum, is coming soon in 2023!

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Recent Posts and Articles

Gettysburg National Cemetery is the final resting place of 1,624 World War veterans, making up 23% of the total graves there. Nearly 500 of those veterans died in combat, in such places we know all too well—Pearl Harbor, Normandy, Guadalcanal.

Take a virtual tour of the national cemetery and learn the stories of some of those heroes of World War II. Tara Wenzel, retired from the Department of Defense, will be your guide through the cemetery, bringing a new perspective on this sacred place in Gettysburg.

Following the Reconstruction Era and into the early 20th century, Devil's Den attracted hundreds of thousands of visitors. Enterprising photographers and clever local citizens alike left their mark on these early Gettysburg tourists.

  • In my years as an author, I’ve learned that some of the best stories are tucked away in community libraries, archives, and historical societies. Right here in Gettysburg, so many of these stories are held by the Adams County Historical Society.

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