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Staff & Board of Trustees


Board of Trustees of the Adams County Historical Society

Mr. Clinton H. Eppleman, Chair

Ms. Heidi H. Gillis, Vice Chair

Ms. Susan J. Nichols, Treasurer

Mr. Lawrence S. Korczyk, Secretary

Ms. Susan M. Boardman, Trustee

Mr. Jake Boritt, Trustee

Mr. Charles "Cliff" Bream, Trustee

Rev. Howard F. Burrell, Trustee

Ms. Carol A. Hegeman, Trustee

Mr. Theodore C. Hirt, Esq., Trustee

Ms. Jean Howard-Green, Trustee

Ms. Antigoni L. Ladd, Trustee

Ms. Leslie Trew Magraw, Trustee

Dr. Stephen E. Mock, Trustee

Ms. Jane E. Nutter, Trustee

Mr. John L. Rice, Trustee

Mr. David L. Sites, Trustee

Ms. Jacqueline D. White, Trustee

Mr. Andrew I. Dalton, Trustee ex-officio


Executive Directors Emeriti

Dr. Charles H. Glatfelter 

Mr. Wayne E. Motts 

Mr. Benjamin K. Neely


The Adams County Historical Society (ACHS) is an Equal Opportunity Provider and Employer. 


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