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Planned Giving

What is The Peace Light Legacy Program?

The history of Gettysburg and Adams County is built on the legacies of those who came before us.  With the help of many generous supporters across the nation, the Adams County Historical Society (ACHS) now has a proper home to share and preserve its vital community stories. By visiting the Historical Society’s new archives, library, event center, and nationally acclaimed Beyond the Battle Museum, millions of visitors and community members of all ages will continue to find inspiration from our shared past.

Planned Giving is a way to help ensure that the mission of the Adams County Historical Society continues for generations to come. The Peace Light Legacy Program has been established to honor individuals who have committed to support ACHS through deferred gifts, and who have informed us of their intentions. 

Joining the Peace Light Legacy Program

If you have already made arrangements to give to the Adams County Historical Society in your will or another form of deferred giving, you are currently eligible to join the Peace Light Legacy Program. Please notify us of your plans by completing this form and returning it to us. 

Please reach out to us at (717) 334-4723 regarding any questions about your planned gift. We are happy to work with you to make sure that the gift is designated in a way that you specify.

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