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Caught in the Crossfire

Saturday, June 26, 2021Saturday, July 3, 2021

The people of Gettysburg and Adams County endured unthinkable hardships during the summer of 1863. In this premier series of real-time digital events, we'll take you behind the scenes to sites you've never visited before. Here, you'll see, hear, and feel what it was like for ordinary Americans caught in the crossfire of America's deadliest battle.

This special program series will be hosted by ACHS Historian, author, and Licensed Battlefield Guide Timothy H. Smith.

Full Schedule:

Prelude to Battle: The Roads to Gettysburg
June 26, 4PM

Join us for a look at neighboring communities like Fairfield, Cashtown, and Mummasburg that were affected by the Battle of Gettysburg.

Prelude to Battle: The Gettysburg Academy
June 30, 4PM

Learn the stories of Gettysburg’s “Singing Girls” who welcomed Buford’s Cavalry on June 30th, 1863. Special footage from the cupola of the Eyster Academy Building.

Farms of the Gettysburg Battlefield: Day One
July 1, 9AM

With footage from the cupola of the Lutheran Seminary Chapel, we cover three wartorn farms on the first day’s battlefield (McPherson, Harmon, and Herbst) and the families caught in the crossfire.

Watching the Battle: Gettysburg’s Fahnestock Store Observatory
July 1, 10AM

Citizens and generals alike watched the battle from the rooftops of Gettysburg. Here, we take you to the roof of the Fahnestock Store where a famous incident took place on July 1, 1863.

In the Cupola: Gettysburg’s Christ Lutheran Church
July 1, ~2PM

A chaplain was shot dead on the steps of Christ Church on July 1, 1863. In this live video with our friends at the American Battlefield Trust, we’ll tell his story and show you the view from the church cupola.

Inside the Gatehouse: Gettysburg’s Evergreen Cemetery
July 1, 7PM

A rare look inside one of Gettysburg’s most iconic structures. Learn the story of Elizabeth Thorn, cemetery caretaker and citizen hero.

In the Cellar: Chambersburg Street, Gettysburg
July 2, 4PM

A new perspective on Gettysburg from the cellar of a building shaken by the battle. 22 civilians sought refuge in these small, cramped quarters.

Hospital Scenes: The Jacob Weikert Farm at Gettysburg
July 2, 7PM

Visit the inside of a massive field hospital and learn the stories of the civilians and soldiers whose lives intersected during the harshest moments of the battle.

In the Cellar: Baltimore Street, Gettysburg
July 3, 4PM

A rare perspective in one of Gettysburg’s most highly-trafficked businesses. Visit the basement of Mr. G’s Old Fashioned Ice Cream with us.

Shell Shocked: Behind the Scenes at the Joseph Sherfy Farm
July 6th, 2PM

A special joint program with Gettysburg National Military Park and the Gettysburg Foundation, we’ll take you - artifacts in hand - on a virtual tour of one of Gettysburg’s most famous battlefield farms.

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